“I am running to be a consistent, committed, conservative Republican who keeps his promises; who asks the questions that need to be asked, to find a mutual understanding; and who legislates for the good of all Texans.”

—Jason Huddleston

Why I'm Running:

  • There comes a time when a person realizes they are being called to something beyond their daily lives.
  • There comes a time when world values are championed over God fearing logic. These are the times we must make a decision – to merely complain, or to act.
  • When our churches are under assault, having their sermons subpoenaed, being told they’ll be sued into bankruptcy because the sexually confused demand to linger in the wrong bathrooms, we must act.
  • When Texans are losing their homes, especially older ones on a fixed income, having it stolen little by little through confiscatory property taxes, we must act.
  • When our cities endorse lawlessness by refusing to enforce the laws, encouraging possible violent criminals to hide out and commit more crimes against people in the state, we must act.
  • When our state is deadlocked by politicians who lie to voters with false promises, and false statements about who they are, when they go to Austin and serve their donors instead of their voters, we must act.
  • When immoral values and the right to kill the unborn are tolerated, and their murder is often subsidized by the state in abortion, we must act.
  • It is not for us to remain silent in light of these problems, our faith calls us to act. We follow His Word and act to address injustice, to be righteous, to be merciful and humble, and to do that which is good for all people….
  • I am running to be a consistent, committed, conservative Republican who keeps his promises; who asks the questions that need to be asked, to find a mutual understanding; and who legislates for the good of all Texans.
  • I will be guided as a representative with God fearing wisdom in making good decisions on issues that face the state.
  • I have heard the clarion call to stand up for Him and those in my district who are unable to truly stand up.
  • “You are what you tolerate. Today’s complacency is tomorrow’s captivity. Truth must never be sacrificed on the altar of expediency.” We have sacrificed too much, for too long.
  • These words sum up both the love I have for my family, but also my love for Texas and the respect I feel to my friends and neighbors to do something about the wrongs we see in society.

On The Issues


Our taxes are too high, no matter where you live. They are so high they are taking a big chunk of your home each year. This hurts seniors and it hurts people on a fixed income. The major increases in property taxes need to be put to the voters every time it exceeds 4%, you should not wake up one morning and see your property tax bill nearly double from the rate and the tax appraisal going up. We need to limit taxes and encourage local governments to find ways to trim their budgets.


It is understandable why so many want to come here, but we must have laws to restrict and regulate who is allowed. Following the system, registering appropriately, staying in line, and continuing to pursue legal citizenship is my wish for those who want to come here. Being a citizen in the U. S. isn’t a right, it is a privilege and an honor. Our country needs to admit those who are law-abiding, and who can follow our laws. Our social services are appealing, but they come at a huge cost to our taxpayers, and we need to ensure that those who come here are adding to our economy and not taking from it. The federal authorities need a better system for immigrating legally, but as Texans we need a safe and secure border.


A family can take so many different forms, and the value of family in our society should always be kept strong.

  • It is my belief that marriage is defined as the joining of a man and a woman in the eyes of God and by the law of the land.
  • It is my belief that parents have the authority over their children and are in the position to make the best decisions for them, unless their ability to do so is no longer physically or mentally possible. It is my belief that the process to determine an inept parent should be stringent and thorough, and that every effort should be made to protect the well-being and safety of the child during the process.
  • It is my belief that life begins at conception, and to stop the process of life at any given point is wrong. Abortion is always wrong. Adoption is a better “choice”. I want to pass laws to protect the unborn, to take away any state subsidies for abortionists, to outlaw the abortion of babies with fetal abnormalities and to work towards protecting all babies in law and in our hearts.
  • It is my belief that God only created male and female and gave evidence in the design of their obvious body parts. Someone wanting to alter what God designed them to be is someone who needs support that leads them to life and truth, not towards a path of pain and destruction.


Gun safety should be taught to kids to prevent accidents. Restrictions on gun ownership should be removed as inconsistent with the second amendment. Every citizen has the right to arm themselves to protect their families and their property.


I support students and want the best results for them.
  • Local Control – I believe giving school districts local control is vital to creating the right atmosphere for our Texas children to learn. Various accountability programs need to be given a second look. Rescue those school districts who are having trouble but allow principals and administrators to feel less pressure to meet an unfair grading system of their schools. I am for the school districts to have the ability to grade themselves with a reformed standard that makes sense. Not all districts are the same, and they truly do not have the same demographics.
  • Teachers Rights – I think public educators are doing a great job; let’s leave them alone. I want teachers to have the ability to teach and lecture on the subject they are given and were inspired to teach. We have instead focused on training them in the art of teaching students how to take THE state mandated tests. It’s not whether students can pass that test, it’s whether they are best equipped to do what they want to do in life.
  • Parental Rights – Best results come from parental involvement and support, and from great teachers who have the parental support for a motivated student. My wife and I were both publicly educated through college and chose that path for our oldest daughter who now attends a public university. We chose a different path for our other three children. I am for using the available tools to teach our Texas students. Parents are the most qualified to choose what tool is best for their child and it is their God given right to do so without prejudice.
  • The Education Goal – Our goal should be a state that creates an educational system which produces the type of kids that businesses, trade schools, and colleges want. We have the influence through a group of incredible people in the public, private and homeschool sectors of our state called teachers. Teachers are the hope that we can count on and we can enable them as mentors to inspire and shape our Texas students into exactly what they work hard to be.


Our State Constitution has restrained runaway budgets, but it also means that cutting the existing budget is tough. There is plenty of waste and unnecessary spending in the state budget however, and I would specifically look for ways to outright eliminate or reduce wasteful programs so that we can put that money to better use. Some have said they want to waste money so that they can pass a state income tax. I would like to cut our budget so much we no longer need a property tax.


If we are going to have toll roads, they should be very limited, and unable to abuse eminent domain to get the property to build them. Because it is a traditional role for government, we should be very careful and skeptical of them, and the opportunity for corruption and abuse they pose.

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